A Book Fair / I visited to a book fair || Paragraph

A Book Fair / I visited a book fair

Books are very important in our life. They play a significant role in our daily life. A book fair is an exhibition of books. Books of poems, plays, novels, etc. are showed for display and sale. It has become very popular. It is also the meeting place for the people. Different organizations arrange book fairs on different occasions. Bangla Academy arranges the biggest book fair in our country. This book fair is popularly known as Ekushey Boi Mela. [ I was very lucky to visit ekushey boi mela last year.

I went there with my uncle. There were lots of stalls there. All the stalls were filled with books. I saw other attractive things there. I enjoyed the seminar and the cultural program too. I brought some books from there. I earned some new experience from the book fair. ] A book fair reminds us of the necessity of books in our everyday life. Books change our outlook. So, the book fair is very important to us.

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