Load Shedding || Paragraph

Load Shedding:

In our day to day life, we are facing new kinds of problems. At present, load shedding has become a serious problem in Bangladesh. Load shedding means the suspension of the supply of electricity for a certain period.

It occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand. Our modern life is largely dependent on electricity. There are many reasons behind load shedding. Overpopulation and insufficient production of electricity are the main causes of load shedding. Misuse and illegal connection are also responsible for this problem. Load shedding brings untold suffering to the lives of the people. The production of mills and factories decreases due to load shedding. Foods get rotten in the refrigerator. Most importantly, students cannot prepare their lessons. After all load shedding affects the economy of our country. Our governments have already taken some steps to produce more electricity. 24 hours of electricity is the pre-condition for a country to develop. So, the authority should take a proper step to solve this problem.

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