Story writing visit to a Book Fair

Visit to a Book Fair 
Today is Friday. The students of class five will go to the book fair. Their class teacher, Ms. Faterna Begum will go with them. The bus is waiting at the school gate. The students are getting on the bus. Parents are waiting to see them off.

It is a fine day. The sun is shining brightly. The students are very happy. They are carrying bread, butter, Bananas, eggs, etc. for their breakfast. Ms. Fatema is taking some chocolates too. Rubina is also carrying a camera. It’s already at 9 o’clock. The students leave the school for the fair.

They reach the fair at 10. They get down, go round and enjoy themselves. They buy books of rhymes jokes, stories, dictionaries with pictures, novels, etc. The students return home in the evening.

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