Parts Of Speech

Parts Of Speech:
                                         The different kinds of words in a sentence are called parts of speech.
                Rahim is a good boy.
               ( Rahim + is + a + good + boy =All are parts of speech )

There are 8 kinds of parts of speech. These are:
               1. Noun
               2. Pronoun
               3. Verb
               4. Adjective
               5 Adverb
               6. Preposition
               7. Conjunction
               8. Interjection


From the above discursion we will able to answer the following questions.


  1. Grammar is important especially in the early stages the language learning. Grammar tells you about the structure of the language. There are eight Parts of Speech in English Grammar. They are nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunction, and interjection. To increase your speaking skills you have to clear all these grammar rules. Grammar is very important because it helps enhance accuracy. Grammar rules can help learners develop a habit of thinking logically and clearly and will become more accurate when using language. It is very important for students to know Why is Good Grammar So Important?.

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