Short discussion about Phonetics and Phonology.

                  Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of human speech. The word “Phonetics” comes from the Greek word “ phōnē.There are three branches of phonetics. These are

1. Articulatory
2. Acoustic
3. Auditory

                   The word  “phonology” comes from the Greek word. The word phonology has divided into two parts. “Phono” and “logy.” Phonology is about patterns of sound, especially in different patterns of sound in different languages.

Difference between phonology and Phonetics
Phonetics is about the physical aspect of sounds. Phonology is about abstract the aspect of sounds and it studies the phonemes. Phonetics is the study of sound in speech; phonology is the study (and use) of sound patterns to create meaning. Phonetics focuses on how speech is physically created and received, including the study of the human vocal and auditory, acoustics, and neurology. Phonology relies on phonetic information for its practice but focuses on how patterns in both speech and non-verbal communication create meaning.

                 IPA= International Phonetics Association
            International Phonetics Alphabet 

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