The Neoclassical Period | A short description of the Neoclassical Period

The Neoclassical Period
The Neoclassical period was started in 1660 and ended in 1798. This period is known as The Enlightenment Period. This period is also known as 17th and 18th Century Literature. The Writes of this period imitated the ancient Greek and Roman Literary Tradition. The slogan of this was "Art for Humanity's Sake". This period has 3 shorter ages. There are given in below.

1. The Restoration Period/Age of Milton (1660-1700)
2. The Augustan period (1700-1745)
3. The age of Sensibility (1745-1785)

Some key features of The Neoclassical Period:
  1. Criticism  

Famous Writers of this period:
          1. John Milton
              2. John Dryden
              3. William Congreve
              4. John Bunyan
              5. Samuel Butler
              6. John Locke
              7. Alexander Pope
              8. Jonathan Swift
              9. Dr. Samuel Johnson
              10. Goethe
              11.Henry fielding
              12. Thomas Gray

Famous Literary works in this Period:
           1. Paradise Lost
               2. Paradise Regained
               3. Lycidas
               4. Areopagitica
               5. Absalom and Achitophel
               6. The Tempest
               7. All for Love
               8. The Way of the World
               9. Pilgrim's Progress
              10. The Holy War
              11. The Rape of the Lock
              12. Gulliver's Travels
              13. A Tale of a Tube
              14. Robinson Crusoe
              15. A preface to Shakespeare
              16. Rape Upon Rape
              17. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard


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