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Unity is Strength:
Once upon a time, a farmer lived in a village. He had four sons. The farmer was worried about them because his sons quarreled among themselves all time. The farmer thought how he can be united among themselves. He thought of a plan. 

He told his sons to go to the forest and bring some tree sticks. They all go to the forest and everyone takes some sticks and comes back home. When they all come back home former asked them to combine the sticks and make the bundle.

After making the bundle former asked them all sons to break the bundle of sticks. All tried one by one but no one could break the bundles of sticks then the former said open the bundle and asked his sons break the one sticks everyone and all done that easily.

Farmer advised to his all sons if you will unite like a bundle of the stick no one can harm you but if you will not be united; your enemy will harm you easily just like you all break the one stick easily. After that, they all lived the united.

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