Independence of Bangladesh || Description of Independence of Bangladesh

Independence of Bangladesh

Independence is the birth right of a man. Everyone wants to lead a free and independent life. But, we, the Bengalis were deprived of our freedom for a long time.

First the British ruled us for about 200 years. Then the Pakistanis ruled us from 1947 to 1971. But the Bengalis did not remain silent.  They stood against all the oppressions from time to time.

In 1952, we achieved the right place of our mother tongue. To get this, many heroic Sons of our country sacrificed their valuable lives. This was a rare example in the history of the world. For this, 21 February is observed International Mother Language Day all over the world.

However, after achieving the right place of Bangla, the people of this country became bolder. They began to think how to achieve complete Independence. At last, in 1971, we got our Independence. For this we had to sacrifice many things. Many gave away their own lives. People lost their father, mother, sons, daughters, relatives and friends. After nine months’ hard struggle, we became free on 16 December 1971. So 16 December is our Victory Day.

Now, we are citizens of an independent country. We have to build up the country. So we have to perform our duties properly.

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