Conversational Analysis and conversational structure

 Conversational Analysis and conversational structure

Foja: Hi

Gopal: Hello

Foja: How are you?

Gopal: I am fine. Thanks and you?

Foja: I am also fine.

Gopal: Where did you go last night?

Foja: I went to the market.

Gopal: you went to market?

Foja: look at the outside? Mofij is coming.

Mofiz: Hello everyone. what are you doing?

Gopal: Nothing. we are free at this moment.

Mofiz: Let us go to the market.

Foja: Ok, is a good idea.

Gopal: We will go there by Bus.

Foja: we will go there by bus.

Mofiz: No, will go there by car.

Foza: Would you like to buy a mobile phone?

Mofiz: Is the mobile phone cheap?

Foza: Yes, It is.

Mofiz: Then, I would like to buy a mobile phone.

Gopal: do you(M) like to use a new mobile phone?

Mofiz: Do you?

Gopal: Yes

Mofiz: so do i.

Foza: Can you tell me a pen drive memory increasing system?

Gopal: 1,2,8,16,32,64

Foza:8? 4,8….

Gopal: 4,8,16,32,64

Foza: that’s better.

Gopal: ok, bye-bye, everyone

Foza: bye bye

Mofiz: bye. 

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