Twilight || by Robert Frost || Robert Frost's Poem Twilight

  -by Robert Frost

Why am I first in thy so sad regard,
O twilight gazing from I know not where?
I  fear myself as one more than I guessed!
Am I instead of one so very fair?-
That thou art sorrowful and I oppressed?

High in the isolating air,
Over the inattentive moon,
two birds sail on great wings,
And vanish soon
( And the leave the north sky bare )

The far-felt solitudes that harbor night,
Wake to the singing of the wood-bird's fright
By invocation, o wide silentness,
Thy spirit and my spirit pass in air!
They are unmemoried consciousness,
Nor great nor less!
And thou art here and I am everywhere!

Source: Friends Classics, Robert Frost Selected Poems.

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