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Simile means an explicit comparison between two different things. Simile usually formed with "like" or "as" between two dissimilar things. 

For example:

Oyajiha  is like a rose

Here, Oyajiha and rose are different things.  Oyajiha is directly compared to a rose. Here we also find the word "like". This is the example of simile.

Some well-known examples of simile-

1. I wandered lonely as a cloud.

2. My love is a red, read rose. 

3. They fought like cats and dogs. 

4. Life is like a box of chocolates. 

5. My love for you is as deep as the ocean.

6. Here and there
    his brown skin hung in strips
    like ancient wallpaper....

7. Like a small grey
   sit the squirrel.

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