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Difference between Epic and Mock Epic:

Epic is a long narrative poem. It deals with heroic theme and adventure. It has lofty style. It sets in a remote time and place. The epic hero is larger than life. He is having superhuman strength. In John Milton's "Paradise Lost",  is the example of epic. Here we find, all characters are supernatural beings. Gods, demons, angels are Supernatural forces. Again, In Homers "Iliad" is the another example of epic. Here, The hero Achilles is having superhuman strength. On the other hand, Mock epic is a literary work. It is comically / satirically imitated the form and style of the epic. It treating a trivial subject in a lofty manner. It is a poem that deals unimportant things with a heroic manner. It contains epic structure, tone, and even diction but applies minor subject matter. In a mock heroic poem, trivial things and incidents are presented in a heroic manner. Which are just opposite of the heroic. Alexander Pope's The Rape of The Lock, Geoffrey Chaucer's Nun priest Tale are the examples of mock epic.

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