Celebration of a Victory Day / I celebrated a Victory Day | Paragraph

Celebration of a Victory Day  / I celebrated a Victory Day

About one year ago, I observed the victory day in my school. It was 16th December in 2020. The 16th December  is our Victory Day because we have become independent on this day. It was a public holiday. I went to school early in the morning. There were many cultural programs held on my school on that day. Our school buildings were well decorated. Our national flag is kept flying on top my school buildings. We arranged a big seminar and Many cultural programmes in our hall room. Students and People from every walk of life attend those programmes with great excitement. I learnt many important things. For examples, It is a red letter day in our life. We celebrate this day every year with great pleasure and joy. It remains us of the sacrifices and struggle of the dedicated souls in 1971. Millions of people laid down their lives to uphold Bangladesh in the world map as a free and independent country. After the nine months war we achieved our great historical independence on December 16, 1971. This day is very important in the national arena of the Bangladeshi. We celebrate the day with great respect. It comes with great hopes and aspirations. The victory day is a day of great achievement for us. So, it is a day of great pride for our nation. 

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