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Pahela Boishakh

Pahela  Boishakh is the first day of Bangla new year. We observe the day every year. This day has a special significance for us. It is a part of Bangalee culture and tradition. It is an annual festival in our country. Every year the day is celebrated traditionally. People wear Traditional dress. Women wear white sarees with colorful churis and flowers and men wear pajamas and punjabis. People eat traditional food such as panta illash in that day. The day starts with Romna Batamol with many cultural programs.  . People get up early in the morning. It is a public holiday. Baishakhi Mela holds in the village. Traders open Halkhata. The day is very important in our national life. Different cultural organizations such as Bangla Academy, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh National Museum arranged literary and cultural programmes. On this day, newspapers bring out special supplements. There are  special programmes on the radio and television. The day is observed all over the country. The celebration of Pahela Boishakh Marks a day of cultural unity for the whole nation.

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