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Write a dialogue between Rahim and Karim about Traffic Jam.


Rahim : Hi, Karim.

Karim : Hello, Rahim.

Rahim : How are you?

Karim : I am fine. And you?

Rahim : I am not good at all.

Karim : What's your problem?

Rahim : Yesterday, I did not reached my school on time and I missed my class test.

Karim : Would you please tell me the reason?

Rahim : It happened for traffic jam.

Karim : I see.  At present, traffic jam has become a serious problem in Bangladesh. It has become our national problem.

Rahim : It is very harmful in our daily life. Do you know why it occurs? 

Karim : Yes, I know. It occurs when many vehicles cannot move at a time. There are many reasons behind the traffic jams. 

Rahim : Oh! Please tell me.

Karim : Overpopulation is the major reason of traffic jams. Our roads are narrow but vehicles are increasing day by day. A poor traffic system is another reason. Our drivers do not follow the traffic rules.

Rahim : I see. Traffic jam creates many problems for us. It kills our time. It wastes extra fuel. People cannot go to their working place on time. Students also cannot reach their school in time.

Karim : You are right.

Rahim : How can we solve it?

Karim : This problem can be solved by public awareness. Our government should come forward to solve this problem.

Rahim : I am agree with you. Thank you.

Karim : Bye bye.

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