A dialogue between you and the doctor


 A dialogue between you and a doctor about your health problem.


Myself : May I come in sir?

Doctor : Yes, come in. Please sit down.

Myself : Thank you sir.

Doctor : Welcome. How can I help you my boy.

Myself : I have been suffering from fever.

Doctor : I see. How long have you been suffering?

Myself : I have been suffering for three days.

Doctor : When do your temperature rise?

Myself :  It is usually between 3 pm to 6 pm.

Doctor : I see. Do you have any other problems?

Myself : Yes sir. I feel rather dizzy. I have a bad headache. I am also coughing all the time.

Doctor : Ok, let me see you. Come here and sit on this chair. Now take a deep breath.

Myself : Is anything serious, doctor?

Doctor : Don't worry. You have simple cold and fever. Do you take any medicine before?

Myself : No sir.

Doctor : Good. Here is your prescription. You must take the medicines properly.

Myself : Ok sir.

Doctor : You should also try to eat, even if you aren't hungry. You need to be strong. You will take rest and stay home. You need to drink a lot of water.

Myself : Ok sir. I will try my best. Thank you sir.

Doctor : May God bless you my boy.

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