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Write a dialogue between Rahim and Karim about the bad effects of drug addiction.


Rahim: Hi, Karim.

Karim: Hello, Rahim.

Rahim: How are you?

Karim: I am fine, thank you. And you?

Rahim: I am also fine. thank you too.

Karim: Where did you go yesterday?

Rahim: I went to Dhaka to attend a seminar on the bad effects of drug addiction.

Karim: Oh, very good. Would you please tell me about the bad effects of drug addiction.

Rahim: Actually, drug addiction is a social cancer.

Karim: You are right.

Rahim: Drug addiction badly affects both the body and mind of the addicted person.

Karim: Oh, I see. Can you please tell me what is the cause of drug addiction?

Rahim: Of course. Frustration is the main cause of drug addiction.

Karim: I think, Unemployment problem, lack of family ties, lack of love, lack of affection, breakup of love etc. give rise to frustration.

Rahim: You are right. Drug addiction gives rise to various social crimes.

Karim: Oh I see. So, now it is our global problem. It's bad effects are huge. We must get rid of this social curse.

Rahim: Obviously.

Karim: Thank you very much for your good information.

Rahim: You are most welcome.

Karim: Take care. Goodbye.

Rahim: You also take care. Goodbye.

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