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Tag Question:

A Tag Question is a question which is added at the end of a sentence in order to get the recognition of the readers or listeners during a conversation. We can also call it question tag. It has different manner from general question. In the deep analysis first of all we find that tag question works as a question but on the other hand it indicates strong inquiry. 

Kinds of Tag Question: There are two kinds of tag question.

1. Affirmative tag question

2. Negative tag question.


Affirmative tag question : Auxiliary verb +  pronoun of the subject subject + ?

Negative tag question : Contracted form of negative auxiliary verb +  pronoun of the subject subject + ?


Rahim cannot sing a song, can he?

Rahim does not speak in Hindi, does he? 

Rahim is doing a job, isn't he?

Bird s can fly in the sky, can't they?

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