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Bad effects of smoking

The act of taking smoke from cigarette is called smoking. It is a very dangerous bad  habit. It is injurious to our health. It causes censer, heart attack, blood pressure and many other fatal diseases. One puff of cigarette smoking contains fifteen billion nicotine. This is very dangerous to our health. It also damages our protection cells and brain. Every day a lot of people die because of smoking habit. It harms not only the person who smokes but also the persons who live beside him. It has direct and indirect effects on people. A person who smokes causes damage to his family and friends. It is very expensive. So, we should prevent it. With a view to preventing smoking, We need to grow public awareness. Government, media and educated people should come forward and take proper steps to prevent smoking. Smoking in public places must be banned. Overall, Smoking is a curse to human civilization. So everybody should try to give up smoking as soon as possible.


From the above discursion we will able to answer the following questions.

1. What does smoking mean?

2. What are the causes of smoking?

3. what are the effects of smoking?

4. What kinds of problem may we face?

5. what measures should be taken?

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