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Write a paragraph on "climate change".


Climate Change

Climate change is a global phenomenon  at the present time. It means changing the average weather such as warming, coldness, temperature, rainfall in a specific region. It is a long-term process in specific region. There are many causes of climate change. Global warming is the main cause of climate change. Greenhouse gases are the major responsible of climate change. Air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution, deforestation, use of CFC, increase of carbon-di-oxide are also responsible of climate change. Over population is the root cause of every thing. Climate change has so many effects. It may reduce mankind's ability to grow food. It may damage wildlife and raise sea levels. It affects our health, food, water and settlements. We can be reduce climate change by public awareness. Our government should come forward and take proper steps. We should also plant more and more trees.


From the above discursion we will able to answer the following questions.

1. What does climate change mean?

2. What are the causes of climate change?

3. What are the effects of climate change?

4. What kinds of problem may we face?

5. What measures should be taken?

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