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Classroom Language:

Classroom language is a language which commonly used in the classroom. It is the routine language that is used on a regular basis in classroom. This is the language that teachers are used to using and students are used to hearing. It consists of requests, questions, imperatives, praises etc. For examples

1. Starting the lesson:

Good morning
Good afternoon
Hello, everyone
Let's start
Who is absent today

2. During the lesson

Open your book at page ...7....
Turn to page......7...
Look at the exercise .1. on page ......7...

3. Praise, encouragement, thanks and apology:

Thank you
Thank you very much
Thank you so much
I am late
I am sorry
I don't understand
It's all right
don't worry
Good try
Try again
Well done
Carry on

4. General classroom language:

Come in
Go back to your place/ seat
Stand up
Sit down
Hands up/down
Open you book
Open the window
Close your book
Just  a minute
Turn on/off the light or fan
I cannot hear you
Come here
Rise your hand
Down your hand
Attention please

5.  Classroom management Language:

Quiet Please
Stop talking
Stop playing
Don't do that, please.
Stop that
Don't be silly

6. Ending the lesson:

That's all for now
That's all for today
Let's stop now
Ok, you can go now
Take care
Have a nice day

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