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Lesson plan: 
Lesson plan is an outline of a particular lesson which a teacher prepares before talking the lesson. It is a step by step guide that provides a structure for an essential learning. It contains what will be taught, how will be taught and with what it will be taught.

An effective lesson plan has three basic components. These are given in the following.
1. Aims and objectives of the course.
2. Teaching and learning activities
3. Assessment.

Importance of lesson plan:

Lesson plan guide the teachers to complete the lesson following clear instructions and materials. It helps the students to achieve the learning outcomes successfully. Good teaching is the result of planning. without planning a teacher cannot teach well. So planning is important. The importance of lesson plan are discussed below.

* Lesson planning is a significant element of  teaching learning system. It increases knowledge of a teacher. When a teacher prepare a lesson plan, the teacher needs to study on that topic. He has to study the text, teacher's guide and others reference books, internet etc.. These are increases his knowledge.

* Lesson plan can save time of a lesson. If a teacher follow his lesson plan he can finish his lesson in time.

* It reminds the teacher the points which he may forget during the class period.

* It helps the teacher to teach the class systematically.

* It helps to fulfill the aims and objectives of the lesson.

* It helps the teacher in maintaining a standard teaching pattern.

* In order to preparing lesson plan, a teacher has to include necessary teaching techniques to teach the student.

Finally, it can be said that lesson plan is very important for the teacher to use in the classroom for effective teaching. 


From the above discursion you will able to answer the following questions.

1. What is lesson plan?

2. How many components of an effective lesson plan?

3. What is the importance of lesson plan?

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