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Language is a medium of communication. There are various joyful ways of language learning. IPT is one of them. IPT means Input, Practice and Task. It is an approach to the teaching of language which helps students to use language in a meaningful communication. Input, practice and task are described in details below.

Input is something given to the learners by the teacher which is the basis of a lesson. It may be written or spoken. It can be any part of a lesson unit, a picture, text, title, chart, diagram, map or an idea of the teacher not taken from the textbook. It is closely related to the learning outcomes of the lesson. It is very important because all practice is based on it.

Practice means student activities which done with the help of the teacher or other students. These are based on input. Practice activities may be supplied by the teacher or taken directly from the textbook. There are three different types of practice activity.
1. One type practice activities lead students to a better understanding of the input.
2. Another type of practice activities help students to develop psychomotor skills.
3. Other type of  practice activities which help students to complete the tasks.

Task is student activities. These activities refers to future activities in which students create or produce something new with the language they have learnt. The task needs to be input related but not same to the input. Tasks are interactive, communicative, creative and problem-solving activities.

IPT is a very effective method or approach of language learning.

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