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Importance of learning English
English is the most frequently used language for communication with people from different countries. At present, English  is used as a international language, global language, and lingua franca. 

We need to learn English for our higher education. Most of the books on higher education are written in English. If we want to learn vast knowledge, we have to take the help from these books. Today more than 80% of all information in the internet is in English. English is a must in order to get a good job.

According to Neeley (2012), Today 1.7 billion people speak English at a useful level . Among them there are 400 million native speakers (Crystal, 2003, P.67), 600 million speak English as a second language, and 600 million speak as a foreign language. More than 80% of communication in English is held between non-native speakers of English (Crystal, 2003). 

Similarly, Graddol (2006) projects that in the next 10-15 years, the number of English speakers is likely to reach a peak of around 2 billion.

So, we can say that English is an powerful international language which is vastly used all over the world.

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