A dialogue about uses and abuses of internet.



Write a dialogue between Rahim and Karim about uses and abuses of internet.


Rahim: Hi, Karim.

Karim: Hello, Rahim.

Rahim: How are you?

Karim: I am fine, Thank you, and you?

Rahim: I am also fine. Thank you too. What are you doing?

Karim: I am thinking about internet. 

Rahim: But why?

Karim: I know something about internet but I need to know more information about it.

Rahim: Oh, very good.

Karim: Do you use internet?

Rahim: Yes, I use internet everyday. 

Karim: I see. Do you know, what is internet?

Rahim; Yes I know. Internet is one of the greatest inventions of modern science. It is a vast network that connects computers all over the world. It is a complex space. It is the most  effective and the most modern means of communication and collecting information. It is the lasted device for globalization. It is a vast world of information.

Karim: Oh I see. But how does it work?

Rahim: It supplies the users a large amount of information, picture, video and audio quickly. It is miracle. It works like Aladdin's magic lamp.

Karim: Do you know, what are the main purposes of using internet? 

Rahim: Yes, I know. It is one of the best medium of communication and collection information.

Karim: Then. 

Rahim: It has made our life easy and comfortable. It has brought the world within our closed fist. It is not only the field of information and communication but also plays a significant role in trade and commerce. At present, internet based e-commerce has become very popular all over the world. It gives customers the opportunity to buy thing without going to market.

Karim: Oh I see.

Rahim: Besides these, students and teachers can easily get necessary information through internet. They can read books without going to library. Moreover, economists, doctors, businessman and other professionals use internet for their professional interest.

Karim: Really! I know that Every scientific invention has some abuses. Is internet exception?

Rahim: No, Internet is no exception. It has some abuses. It is doing a lot of harm to the teenagers. Young people are so much addicted to Internet. So their study is greatly hampered. Over use of internet makes eyesight weak and wastage of time. Many people abuses this blessing by placing information or data that is unacceptable such as pornography. Some others may use it for fraud or theft.

Karim: Thank you very much for your good information.

Rahim: You are most welcome.

Karim: Take care. Goodbye.

Rahim: You also take care. Goodbye.

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