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Johann Friedrich Herbart:

Johann Friedrich Herbart was a German philosopher and educator. His contributions is laying the foundations of scientific study of education is significant.

He was born in 1776. He was the founder of pedagogy.

His theory of education is known as Herbartianism. Which was set out principally two works. These are: 

1. Pestalozzis Idee eines ABC der Anschauung (Pestalozzis Idea of  sense perception)

2. Allgemeine Pädagogik (universal pedagogy)

Which supported five formal steps of teaching. These are in the following.

1. Preparation
2. Presentation
3. Association
4. Generalization
5. Application

It is a process of relating new material to be learned to relevant past ideas or memories. Which gives the pupil  a vital interest in the topic under consideration.

It means presenting new material by means of concrete objects or actual experience.

It means through assimilation of the new idea through comparison with former ideas and consideration of their similarities and differences in order to implant the new idea in the mind.

It is a procedure especially important to the instruction of adolescents and designed to develop the mind beyond the level of perception and the concrete.

It means using acquired knowledge.

Johann Friedrich Herbart is the father of lesson plan. He was died in 1841.

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