Paragraph on necessity of Pastime or Leisure


Pastime or Leisure:

Pastime or leisure means the time when a man has nothing to do.
It also means time free from works or other activities. Man cannot continue to work for all day long. He needs rest, recess and leisure for regaining energy and concentration for next day works. People usually spend their leisure doing recreational activities. But these activities very from person to person, society to society and country to country. Most of the village people spend their pastime or leisure by gossiping, fishing, swimming, grading, flying kites, going riverside watching television play common games etc. and most of the city people spend their pastime or leisure by shopping, reading books, watching television, playing video games, play common games, using computer, going park and zoo etc. Pastime or leisure is very necessary in our life. If a man does not take rest from work, life loses its charm. It is very necessary to lead a healthy happy life. It enables us to recover our lost freshness and energy. It revives our depressed spirit. It affords an opportunity to escape from the hard reality of life and enjoy this fine world. It is a source of joy and pleasure. It is the essence of life.

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