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Action Research:
Research means the systematic into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusion. on the other hand, Action means the process of doing somethings, especially, when dealing with a problem. So, Action research means 

There are many format of Action Research. One is the following:- 





Data Analysis








Title: Some students of class one cannot understand word meaning.

Word is a single unit of language. It has meaning and can be spoken or written. To understand word meaning is very important in English language learning. If a student cannot understand word meaning. He or she is like a rudderless boat. He or she cannot learn anything in English. So, everybody should try to understand word meaning.

Word meaning is very important for English language. It is the base of English language. If a student cannot understand word meaning, he or she will not develop in English. If we cannot understand word meaning in English, we cannot anything in English. To improve English we must try to under stand word meaning.


>>>To identify the reasons of word meaning understanding problem.

>>> To find out the solution of word meaning understanding problem.


For this research, I have collected data from three persons. 

They are :-

1. Student

2. A teacher

3. Mother

For collecting data, I have made some questions. I have taken an interview and recorded audio. Qualitative analysis has been done to present the findings.

Data Analysis:
According to these students, they do not like English subject. They have fear in English subject. They have no one who help them at home. They are poor.

According to their teacher, those students, are irregular in their class. They remain absent minded most of the time. Beside they have no interest in English class. They have no attention to learn word meaning.

According to their parents, they are illiterate and careless. They can not help them to learn word meaning. Their opinion is that most of them are very poor. They live a hand to mouth. They do not create good environment at home.

In my observation of class one, I saw that some of the students cannot understand word meaning. There are so many reasons for this problem these are found. These problems are following.

>>> These students are irregular in their class.

>>>They remain absent minded most of the time.

>>>They do not like English subject.

>>>Their parents are careless and illiterate.

>>>They are very poor.

At first, I will apply my self experience to understand word meaning. I will use multimedia in the class room. I will make very attractive English class. By sharing ideas with other teachers, I have changed word meaning presentation techniques. I use various techniques to solve word meaning understanding problem.

I think that my techniques have worked well to overcome the problem. It is true that without this skill the students fear of English will not removed. This method is more effective in removing the difficulty of students in English. It is very important for them.

My research was students difficulty in word meaning understanding problem in English language. The methods and techniques applied in my research have made it possible to solve the problems. I will practice the students more and more. I will follow the same strategy and method to solve such problems in my own school in future.

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Topic: Some students word meaning/ Vocabulary understanding problem.

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