Application for re-admission || Write an application to the Headmaster for re-admission.



Write an application to the Headmaster for  re-admission.


The Headmaster,
Loser Ark  high school,

Subject: Prayer for 

I beg to state that I am a student of class 9 of your school. My father works in a private company. He lives in India. He could not send money last month for his illness. For this reason I could not pay the salary of June and July in time. For this reason, my name has been stuck out. Now I am able to pay my all fees. You will be happy to know that 
I stood first in the last exam. 

I therefore pray and hope that you would kindly enough to permit me for re-admission.

Your most obediently,
Name: Rana
Roll No. : 101
Class: 9

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