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Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold was an Melancholic English poet. He was also a critic and essayist.  He was born in 1822. His father's name was Thomas Arnold. He was also called the Elegiac Poet. He worked for five years as a Professor of Poetry at Oxford University. He died in 1888 at the age of 65 in  England.

Famous Books of Matthew Arnold:

  1. The Study Of Poetry.
  2. Literature and Dogma.
  3. Culture and Anarchy
  4. Essays in Criticism.

Famous Poems:

  • Dover Beach.
  • The Scholar Gypsy
  • Sohrab and Rustom
  • Cromwell

Famous Elegies:

  • Thyrsis
  • Rugby Chapel
  • Heine's Grave

Famous quotes of Matthew Arnold:

1. Truth sits upon the lips of dying men.
2. Poetry is the criticism of life.

3. The sea of Faith
    was once, too, at the full.

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