Bad effect of copying in the examination paragraph || Bad effects of adopting unfair means in examination


Bad effect of copying in the exam paragraph / Bad effects of adopting unfair means in examination
Copying in the examination is called adopting unfair means of examination. It is a big problem in our education system. It is a very bad habit.  It is also dangerous. By copying, no one can answer perfectly. They also can't acquire good marks in exams. Besides, they suffer in the long run. Actually, the bad effect of copying in exams destroys the beautiful life of students. By copying in the examination students may pass temporarily but they will fail to manage a good job. If students are caught copying in the examination, they must be expelled from the examination. It also decreases student's social value. There are many reasons behind copying in the examination. Carelessness of the students in their studies is the main cause of copying in the exam. A defective examination system,  lack of qualified teachers, dishonesty of teachers, student politics, unsuitable syllabus, lack of teaching atmosphere, lack of public awareness etc. are also the causes of copying in the exam. This problem can be solved by public awareness. Our government should come forward and take proper steps to solve this problem. So, we should avoid copying in the examination for success in life and acquire real knowledge.

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