Story Writing: King Solomon Queen of Sheba


King Solomon Queen of Sheba

Once upon a time, there lived a wise king named Solomon. He was very intelligent. His name and fame spread all over the world. The Queen of Sheba heard Solomon's name many times for his outstanding knowledge. She wanted to test his knowledge. So, one day, the queen invited the king to her palace. Solomon accepted her invitation. 

The king came to her palace in due time. The queen welcomed him with two garlands of flowers. one was natural and another was artificial. And she told him to take a natural one. At that time, Solomon was puzzled because these looked alike.

Suddenly, Solomon saw some bees outside the window but the door and the windows of the room were closed. He ordered his men to open the windows. Then the bees came in and sat on the natural garland. The queen became surprised and admired his wisdom.

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