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Write a dialogue between Rahim and Karim about  Taj Mahal.


Myself : Hello, Rahim. How are you?

Rahim : I am fine. Thank you and you?

Myself : I am also fine. Where did you go last month?

Rahim : I went to India.

Myself : Oh! Very good. But why?

Rahim :I went to India to visit Taj Mahal.

Myself : Oh! very interesting. Would you please tell me your experience of visiting Taj Mahal?

Rahim : Of course. I started my journey from Dhaka  to Agra at 10 a.m. by air plane. I reached the Taj Mahal just after 120 minutes. 

Myself : Very good. Then.

Rahim : Actually, the Taj Mahal  is also known as the symbol of love.

Myself: Oh, I see. Do you know who built it?

Rahim: Yes, Of course. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal.

Myself: When did he built it?

Rahim: This amazing building was built in the 17th century.

Myself : How was the Taj Mahal?

Rahim : The architectural design and building structure are amazing. It still surprised the modern-day architects. This is an example of Islamic Architect in the century. A huge amount of travelers come here every year. It is one of the seven wonders in the world.

Myself : Oh! what is the moving sight of the complex?

Rahim : The most moving sight of the complex  is an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna river.

Myself : Thank you very much for your nice description.

Rahim: You are most welcome.

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