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Write a Paragraph about newspaper by answering the question below.
a. what is a newspaper?
b. when was the newspaper published first?
c. what is the necessity of a newspaper?
d. What are the demerits of a newspaper?
e. How are the people benefitted from a newspaper?

                          Newspaper  (Paragraph)

Newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge. It plays a vital role in the modern age. It is the mirror of the world. During the 17th century, the newspaper was first published in China. Through reading newspaper, one can acquire all the important news at a glance. A newspaper can help us in many ways. It can provide extra knowledge about the world's people and their cultures. It tells us what is happening at home and abroad. We get every kind of news from the newspaper such as politics, environment, trade and commerce, education, sports etc. By reading newspaper we can easily acquire general knowledge. It will help us to get a good job. Sometimes newspaper gives us false news. It is very dangerous. We should avoid this false news by our own judgment. If we want to acquire knowledge, we should read newspapers regularly. It will expand our ideas, enrich our knowledge and broaden our outlook.

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