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A Street Accident

When a vehicle collides with another on the street, it is called street accident. It has become a major problem in our country. We see the news of road accident  in daily newspapers. It is an unpleasant and unexpected event. It is caused by vehicles while moving on the street recklessly. There are many causes behind street accident in our country. The roads and streets of our country are narrow. They are not straight. Rush driving is a major cause of street accident. Overtaking tendency of the drivers is also responsible. Besides defective and old vehicles increase street accident. Lack of proper traffic education, Carelessness of driver, using mobile phone while driving etc. are also responsible of street accident. The effects of street accident are enormous. Many people become the victim of temporary and permanent injuries. It also increases medical costs, insurance loss, property damage, family income losses and traffic congestion. Some measures can be taken to control street accident. Roads and streets need to be constructed on proper plan. Modern system of traffic control should be introduced. Defective vehicles should be removed. Driving license should be issued honestly and duly. Moreover people in general need to obey traffic rules. And thus, we can minimize street accident.

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