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Ben Jonson:

Ben Jonson was an English dramatist in the Elizabethan Period. He was also a literary critic. He was born in 1572 in England.  He was the father of English Realistic comedy. He was also the father of comedy of Humours. He started writing in the Elizabethan period but he became famous in the Jacobean period. He was generally regarded as the second most important English playwright after William Shakespeare. He was died in 15637 at the age of 65 in England.

Famous plays of  Ben Jonson:

  • Every Man in His Humour
  • Every Man Out of His Humour
  • The Silent Woman
  • Volpone
  • The Alchemist
  • A Tale of Tub

Famous Quotes of  Ben Jonson:

  • "Mischief's feed like beasts, till they be fat and then bleed."
  • "Riches are in fortune a greater good than wisdom is in nature."

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