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Edmund Spenser:

Edmund Spenser was an English poet in the Elizabethan Period. He was born in 1552 in England. He was the second father of the English Poetry. He was called the poet of poets because after his death many later English poets followed his art of poetry. He was the child of Renaissance and Reformation. He also introduced the Spenserian Sonnet.  He was died in 1599 at the age of 47.

Famous Epics of  Edmund Spenser:

  • The Faerie Queen
Famous books and poems of  Edmund Spenser:
  • The Shepherds Calendar
  • The Ruins of Time
  • Amoretti ( Collection of 89 sonnets )

Short Technique of remembering Edmund Spenser's Notable Works:
  • The Shepherds Calendar, The Ruins of TimeAmoretti are  listening The Faerie Queene story.

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