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Write an email to your friend about intend to do after HSC exam.



Subject: My intention after HSC exam.

My Dear Rahim,
At first, you will take my Salam. I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. I am also well by the grace of Allah. I received your email yesterday. In your email, you described your intentions after your HSC exam and wanted to know about my intentions after my HSC examination. Now I will write. 

I want to visit my village home after my HSC examination. My grandparents live there. I will go there with my family. I have many childhood friends there. I will meet them. I and some of my childhood friends will arrange a picnic. I also want to journey by boat after my HSC exam.

No more today. Take care. You will be happy in life. Best of luck. I will write soon again. Goodbye.

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