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Physical exercise / Importance of physical exercise
Health is the root of all happiness. None can enjoy a sound mind without a sound body. Body and mind are closely interrelated. Physical Exercise is essential to keep good health.

Physical exercise means the movement of the different parts of our body, according to rules.
It makes our body fit. It is the pre-condition for keeping a good health as well as a good mind.

There are many kinds of physical exercises such as walking, swimming, running, cycling, rowing, riding, gymnastics, etc. Football, cricket, hockey, badminton, etc., are also a good form of physical exercise. All kinds of physical exercise are not suitable for all people. It depends on the age and the physical fitness of a man. But walking is good for all people.

Morning and afternoon are the best time for physical exercise. We should take physical exercise in the open air. We should not take exercise in an empty stomach or after taking a meal. We should also follow the rules while taking physical exercises.

There is a proverb "A sound mind lies in a sound body." physical exercise is very useful to us. It improves our health. It makes us strong and active. It keeps our body free from diseases.

Physical exercise is very important for a student. He needs a sound mind and a sound body.

Health is wealth. Good health depends on physical exercise. So, we should take physical exercise regularly.


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