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The Middle English Period
The duration of this period is from 1066 to 1500. This period is divided into 3 parts. These are given below.

1. Anglo-Norman Period (1066-1340)
2. Age of Chaucer (1340-1400)
3. The Dark or  Barren Period (1400-1500)

Anglo-Norman Period:
The Anglo-Norman Period was started in 1066 and ended in 1340.

Age of Chaucer:
The age of Chaucer was started in 1340 and ended in 1400. It was very remarkable age in the history of English literature. It was a meeting ground between the middle age and the renaissance. It was an age of great political, social, religious and literary activity. In this period, trade and commerce grew rapidly. Women were thought inferior to man. Child marriage was in vogue among the rich and wealthy persons. Dowry was in practice and girls were sometimes sold. The invention of the church was remarkable. In this period, the English language was beautified and enhanced. The democratic tendency was risen in this period.

The Dark or  Barren Period:
The span from 1400 to 1500 is called the Dark Age because nothing can be definitely known about this period.

Some key features of the Middle English Period:
              1. Love
              2. Religion
              3. Chivalry

Famous Writers of the Middle English Period:

            1. Geoffrey Chaucer
             2. John Wycliff
             3. Sir Thomas Malory
             4. Willam Langland
             5. Dante

Famous Literary works in this Period:

            1. Canterbury Tales.
            2. Nun Priest's Tale
            3. Morte D' Arthur
            4. The Divine Comedy
            5. Piers Plowman
            6. The Holy Bible
            7. The New Testament

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