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Science as a source of knowledge:

Our life and our thinking are so dominated by science, we have so much faith in science, and we refer so much of our education and our problems to people called scientists or technicians, that anyone would assume we have a clear idea about what this powerful thing is that stands at the center of our culture. But it doesn't take much asking around, even among practicing scientists and students of science, or much reading in the local library to discover that there's a fairly lively dispute going on, some confusion, and a great deal of ignorance about just what we mean by the term.

From the definitions above, we can safely conclude that knowledge is processed information which is generated to understand nature (science) and ultimately can be used for practical and applied purposes (technology). This description of knowledge reflects two significant features of science as knowledge.


 Science depends on experience. experience is a source of knowledge so, Science is a source of knowledge.

In short, if it is true that science is a source of knowledge, this fact guarantees that religion is at least  possible source of knowledge.

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