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Robert Frost:

Robert Frost is one of the greatest American poets. He is the most popular and the most honored American poet of the twentieth century. This great poet was born in San Francisco, California, on March 26, 1874. His father, William Prescott Frost, Jr. was a New Englander. He had been born in the East but by the time of his son’s birth he had migrated to San Francisco, where he was then employed as a newspaperman. His father died of the disease in 1885 when the poet was only eleven years old. Robert Frost’s life was an unending struggle for recognition. He has had to undergo many different poetic evaluations. One of the reasons for this is the fact that people have found it difficult to read Frost’s vision of experience.


Robert Graves says-

“Frost was the first American poet who could honestly be reckoned a master-poet by world standards.”


T.S. Eliot says-

“Frost is our most eminent and most distinguished.......Anglo American poet.”

Robert Frost has been called by Robert Graves the voice of America. At the age of nineteen, in 1894, his first youthful poem “My Butterfly” was published in New York Independent. His volume of poetry, “A Boy’s Will” appears in England in 1913 and won him immediate recognition. “North of Boston” Appearing the next year, was recognized as one of the great volumes of this century and a sign of a mature poetic genius. He has received numerous prizes and awards for his outstanding work as a poet.

Robert Frost is as a great poet of nature in America as Wordsworth in England. His central themes are man and women, humanity alienation, and nature. 

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