Rules Of Capitalization || Capitalization


1. The first letter of the first word of any sentence is a capital letter.

       We are happy. They go to school. The school is very near to the village.


2. Proper noun (any name with a capital letter).

       My name is Rahim. I live in Bangladesh.


3. The first letter of day and month name is Capital letter.

      Today is Monday. I was born in, June.


4. The first letter of festivals and historical events is Capital letter.

        We met him on Eid-ul- Fitr.The Battle of Palassey is a historical event.

             [ Pohela Baishakh, Mother’s day, Mayday, Eid ul Azaha ]


5. [“ “] The first letter inside the inverted comma is a capital letter.

          The teacher said,” Honesty is the best policy”.


6. The first letter of  Allah & God name is Capital letter.

                              I love Allah.

                             Pray to God.

7. Pronoun I will be a capital letter even if it sits anywhere in the sentence.

                           May I help you.


8.Interjection “O” is always a capital letter.

                            Bless me, O Allah.


9 The first letter of the name of the scripture is the capital letter.

                                   I can read holy Ouran.

                                       [Geeta, Bible]


10. Titles of newspapers, books, dramas, poems, etc. are capital letters.

                                      He reads The Daily Star.

                                      The Sun Rising is a nice poem.

                                              [ Hamlet, Virus ]


11.The first letter of the name of caste or religion is capital letter.

             English, Bangladeshi, Indian, American, Muslim, Hindu, Christian.


12. Abbreviation of Country/Educational Qualification/Official Rank will be Capital letter.

                                          M.A, B.A, SP, USA, UK


13. The first letter of the name of any organization / educational institution is Capital Letter.

                                         World Health Organization

                                         M.A Razzak Model High School

                                        Dhaka University


14. The first letter of the subject name of the educational institution is a capital letter.

                                       Bangla, English, Math, History.


15.  The first letter of the language name is Capital Letter.

                 English, Bangla, Hindi, Arabic.


16. Capital letter should be used to address the letter.

                         My Dear Mother, Dear Sir.


17.-The first letter of the name of river/mountain is capital letter.

                         Padma /  Meghna /Mount Everest.

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