Difference between Countable Nouns and Uncountable Nouns

Countable Nouns:

1. Countable Noun means something that can be counted.

2. Countable Nouns can be Plural.

3. Countable Nouns have singular and plural forms.

4. If the Countable Nouns is singular, then a / an must be placed before it.

5. Examples:   A pen, Two Pens, An Umbrella, Five Umbrellas. 

On the other hand, 

Uncountable Nouns:

1. Uncountable Noun means something that can't be counted.

2. Uncountable Nouns can't be Plural. 

3. Uncountable Nouns have a singular form but no plural form.

4. A / an cannot be placed before Uncountable Nouns.

5. Examples:  Water, Tea, Milk, 

If you want more information, please watch this video:


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