Mobile Phone || Paragraph about Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone ( Paragraph )

Mobile Phone is a wonderful gift of modern science. It is a modern version of the telephone. It is portable. A man can use it standing at any place. It has bought a great change in the communication sector. It has also made the world closer. It has become a part and parcel of our daily life. We can talk to others within a few second through mobile phone. We can  transmit and receive video call and SMS for communication purpose through mobile phone. It works instantly with the help of network. we can communication with the members of our families, relatives, friends and so on with mobile phone. At present, it is not only use of communication but also is used for listening to music, taking photos, sorting data, watching videos, net browsing etc. Even it is used for distance learning. A mobile phone has some demerits too. Excessive use of mobile phone is harmful to our brain. Terrorists  do their evil deeds with the help of mobile phone. It also inspires us to spend more money. So, we all should be aware of using mobile phone.

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