My First Day at School || Paragraph

My First Day at School

First day at school is a memorable day in one's life. It is significant and important. My first day at school was a very exciting and new experience to me. It opened before me the window of an unknown world. when I was four years old, One night my father told me about my new school. On that night I was excited and couldn't sleep. In the next day, my father took me to ARK Primary School. This school is one of the most famous schools in our village. We went there on foot. My father took me to the headmaster's room. My heart began to beat faster. At first, he asked me my name. Then he pointed to a letter chart and asked me to tell the letters. I could tell them all because my mother taught them at home. He became pleased with me. Then he called a teacher. The teacher took me to the classroom. He gave me a seat in the classroom. The classmates received me warmly. At tiffin time I played with them and we all became good friends. After school I came back home at 4 P.M. Really, the day was very exciting. I never forget that day.

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