Winter Morning || Paragraph

Winter Morning ( Paragraph )

Winter is one of the six season in Bangladesh. A winter morning is a cold morning of the season. A winter morning is misty and cold. Dew drops fall on leaves and grass at night. The sun seems to rise late. There is dense fog everywhere. Everything looks hazy at far. A winter morning is a curse for the poor people. Because they  suffer much in winter. They cannot put on warm clothes. children and old people rise late in the winter morning. They bask in the sun. Animal do not move here and there. A winter morning is enjoyable too. People like to eat chira, muri, khai, and various kinds of pitha in the winter morning. People also like to eat date juice in the winter morning. When the sun goes up and the fog melts the winter morning gradually vanishes. The winter morning is enjoyable in many respect.

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