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A long narrative poem. It deals with heroic theme and adventure. It has lofty style. It sets in a remote time and place. The epic hero is larger than life. He is having superhuman strength.

There are two kinds of epics. These are:

1. Folk Epic / Primary Epic.

2. Literary Epic / Secondary Epic.

Characteristic  of Epic:

1. Supernatural forces.

2. The setting may be national, worldwide or cosmic.

3. The epic hero is having superhuman strength.

4.The Epic form is highly traditional and employs many conventions.

5. The style is objective, elevated, and dignified.

6. Influence of myths.

7. Long narrative poem

8. Existence of god and goddesses

9. Strong battle

10. Long speeches.


In John Milton's "Paradise Lost",  is the example of epic. Here we find, all characters are supernatural beings. Gods, demons, angels are Supernatural forces.

Again, In Homers "Iliad" is the another example of epic. Here, The hero Achilles is having superhuman strength.

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