Paragraph on Celebration of The International Mother Language Day/ The Shaheed Day/ The 21st February

Celebration of The International Mother Language Day Or The Shaheed Day

About one year ago, I observed the International Mother Language day in my school. It was 21st February in 2020. The 21st February is a memorable day in the history of Bangladesh. This day is also called Shaheed Dibash. The day bears the memory of the great ' Language Movement' Which was at the root of our liberation war. On this day in 1952, some brave sons of our soil had Sacrificed their lives for the sake of our mother tongue, Bangla. Then Pakistani rulers declared that ' Urdu' would be the state language of East Pakistan. The bengalis opposed it from the very beginning. On the 21th February 1952, The students of Dhaka University  brought out a procession and the police fired on a procession. Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat and many others were martyred. Since then the 21st is observed as a 'Shaheed Day'. It was a public holiday. I went to school early in the morning. There were many cultural programs held on my school on that day. Our school buildings were well decorated. Our national flag is kept flying on Half my school buildings. On this day, we go to the Shaheed Minar bear footed and offers flowers. We wear black badges and sing, "Amar Bhayer Raktay Rangano Akusey February.' We arranged a big seminar and Many cultural programmes in our hall room. Students and People from every walk of life attend those programmes with great excitement. I learnt many important things. For examples, Different organizations also arrange different programmers on this day. In 1999, UNESCO declared the day as 'International mother Language Day'.  since then it is celebrated globally. Bangladesh Betar and different channels telecast different programmers. Really it is great achievement for our nation

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