A dialogue about a Transfer Certificate


Write a dialogue between a Headmaster and a student over a Transfer Certificate.


Myself : May I come in sir?

Headmaster : Yes, come in.

Myself : Good morning sir. How are you?

Headmaster : Good morning. I am fine and you?

Myself : I am not fine sir. 

Headmaster : Why you are not well?  what is your problem?

Myself : I am sorry to say that I need a Transfer Certificate.

Headmaster : Transfer Certificate! But why?

Myself : Sir, my father is a government officer. He has been transferred from Harirampur to Dhaka. 

Headmaster : Oh, I see. Will your family not stay here?

Myself : I am sorry sir. My family will also go there.

Headmaster : Don't you have any relatives here?

Myself : No, sir. I don't have any relatives here.

Headmaster : Oh! you are one of our best students. By the by, what school have you decided to join there.

Myself : Dhaka Zella School, sir.

Headmaster : It is a good school indeed.

Myself : Thank you sir.

Headmaster: Let me see your application.

Myself : here it is, sir.

Headmaster: Ok, take the T. C from the clerk.

Myself: Thank you sir.

Headmaster : May God bless you my boy.

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